Mechanical Retention

BAUMANN Contact Elements are springs that mechanically connect two pieces. In static applications, the two connected pieces can be easily detached. In dynamic applications, the two pieces can be moved in axial as well as radial direction. BAUMANN Contact Elements have advantageous mechanical properties:

Constant force curve

BAUMANN Contact Elements operate at nearly constant force over a wide deflection range. Typically, the deflection ranges from 5% to 35% (see above). On request, we can provide you with a Finite Element Method (FEM) calculation of your Contact Element.

Strong tolerance compensation

BAUMANN Contact Elements compensate for a wide tolerance range (IT7 to IT8) of the piston and the housing. A wide range of tolerances and simple groove design reduce the manufacturing cost of the piston and the housing.

High robustness

BAUMANN Contact Elements are robust against dirt, vibrations, temperature changes and corrosion and withstand a large number of lifecycles in dynamic applications. These characteristics make the spring well suited to challenging environments.


BAUMANN Contact Elements automatically align the axes of the piston with the axes of the housing when used in pairs.