Electrical Contact

BAUMANN Contact Elements are springs that transmit high currents in small spaces. The amount of current that can be transmitted depends on various parameters described in more detail below. You can choose the parameters required in your application to get a first indication of the achievable nominal current and the achievable short circuit current. Please note that all values are based on a theoretical calculation model assuming CuCr1Zr as wire material. All values need to be verified with tests in your specific application. 

Range of inner diameter

Choose the range of inner diameter for which you would like to see our indication of transmittable currents.

Ambient temperature
The temperature difference between maximum allowable operating temperature and maximum ambient temperature influences the transmittable current. The lower the difference, the lower the transmittable current. For the above indications, a maximum operating temperature of 105°C is assumed.

Rated duration of short circuit
Time during which the Contact Element is exposed to a short circuit current without exceeding a maximum temperature of 350°C.