EMI Shielding

BAUMANN Contact Elements are springs that protect systems and components from electromagnetic interference (EMI). The spring acts as sealing that transmits current between the male and the female part of a connector. Various interface designs, materials and coatings are available. In addition to favorable electrical and mechanical properties described under Electrical contact and Mechanical retention, BAUMANN Contact Elements have advantageous shielding properties:

Screening attenuation: BAUMANN Contact Elements act as a closed 360° sealing. Thanks to the high number of contact points in a relatively small space, BAUMANN Contact Elements have a much better screening attenuation compared with many other products. 

Transfer impedance: BAUMANN Contact Elements have high conductivity. The contact force on each contact point is nearly constant over the lifetime and withstands vibration. Therefore, BAUMANN Contact Elements have lower transfer impedance over the lifetime compared with other products.